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Six Christmas Tree Ideas for Your Assisted Living Apartment

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Six Christmas Tree Ideas for Your Assisted Living Apartment

Few things can top the power of a Christmas tree when it comes to transforming the atmosphere of a room. A centuries-old tradition, these decorated trees are instantly recognizable symbols of the holiday season, regardless of the types of embellishments and decorative styles added to them.

The nostalgia and familiarity of Christmas trees has led to them being used in nearly every other aspect of Christmas, such as the shapes of sugar cookies and the images displayed on greeting cards, and imaginative minds continue to expand on this diversity and discover new ways to bring this classic decoration into our homes.

As we begin pulling out ornaments and lights to welcome Christmas here in Kearney, Nebraska, we created a list of six Christmas tree ideas for your assisted living apartment to help you get started on your own seasonal decorations.

Tabletop Tree

Simple to add and available in a broad range of styles from rustic, bare branches to bushy evergreens, miniature trees are a classic go-to decoration for any small space. Choose a prelit tree ready for your favorite ornaments or a predecorated tree that can be displayed straight out of the box. This lets you tailor your decorations to your abilities if handling small ornaments or stringing lights is difficult.

Shelf Displays

Bookshelves and windowsills make a great place to arrange a collection of figurines or bottlebrush trees. These cute topiaries come in a rainbow of colors and let you skip the work of a large tree in favor of a mini forest.

Wall Hangings

The internet is filled with pictures and examples of bought and DIY wall trees. With the invention of command hooks and decorative tape, turning a wall into an eye-catching tree is easier than ever.

Lighted Christmas Wall Tree

Ribbon Tree

Wall Photo Printout

Washi Tape Trees

Trees With a Message

Put your Christmas card collection to use and create an endearing tree that lets you display cards as you receive them this year or you're favorite ones from past holidays. Invite visiting friends and family to leave a greeting or drawing on this sticky note tree for a truly personalized display.

Use your favorite family portraits in a table display, or attach them to the wall in the shape of a tree. Pictures can be themed to the current year and celebrate the new memories you and your family have made since the last Christmas, or you can create a scrapbook tree of weddings, baby photos, birthday celebrations and past Christmases to highlight how much your family has grown and changed over time.

Count Down to Christmas

Add functionality to your tree display this year by turning it into your Advent calendar. Whether you opt for one that lets you simply mark the days or one that features drawers for holding treats and written notes, these charming decorations can help prepare both you and your apartment for the holiday.

Craft Projects

When Charlie Brown is struggling with the holiday blues in the Peanuts Christmas classic, Lucy encourages him by explaining he needs involvement. Make your own holiday a little brighter by inviting a group of your friends around Cambridge Court to join you in creating some fun decorations for your assisted living apartments. This will provide each of you with a personalized decoration and the joy of memories shared together.

DIY Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Pinecone Christmas Trees

Flower Pot Christmas Trees