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Keeping Up With Trends: What's Hot (and Safe) For Kids This Year?

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Keeping Up With Trends: What's Hot (and Safe) For Kids This Year?

Keeping up with what's relevant to grandchildren or other kids in your life isn't always easy from an assisted living community. Even if you use smartphones or other tools to chat regularly with special young people, the trends change as fast as the season. For Cambridge Court residents who are looking for gift ideas for kids in their family this season, here's the 411 on what's hot (and safe) for kids this year.

Pomsies Speckles Plus Interactive Toys

These guys are marketed for kids age 3 and up and range around the $15 mark when it comes to price. It's a fancy stuffed animal with smart capabilities built in, which means kids can interact with it. If you were privy to previous Furby, Hatchimals or Fingerlings crazes, this is a similar kind of toy.


This toy shows up as a messy fur trap, but kids can love and comb it into a stylish pup. Marketed for age 4 and up, Scruff-A-Luvs are great toys for animal lovers. They also teach a cool lesson about how you can't judge someone or something by its outward appearance and how love and kindness can bring out the best in others. The pets are priced around $18.

L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

This isn't a new toy — the doll enthusiast in your life might already have some. But the collection includes a wide array of surprise dolls, making it an easy thing to send in the mail or stuff in a stocking to delight kids on Christmas morning. The dolls are priced around $10.

Crayola Chemistry Set

Older elementary kids can become mad scientists when they complete the 50 experiments in this color-infused set. This is a great gift idea for kids who may be snowbound for the season or who are interested in science. The sets are priced around $34.

furReal Munchin' Rex

This interactive baby T. rex needs care and attention, making him the ideal mate for a young dino enthusiast. He's priced as much as $50, so you'll want to watch for a sale to score this gift at a discount.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Kit

Fans of the books and movies can build the great hall at Hogwarts and then set up imaginative play sessions thanks to the included figurines. This set is marketed to age 9 and up and has a price tag around $100, so it's also one you might want to look for deals on.

While these are a few predicted favorites this season, remember that each child is unique. Not everyone wants what's hot right now, and children often just appreciate being thought of. Old favorites such as board games, coloring books, art supplies, building blocks and gadgets remain great gift ideas in any season.