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Daycare Reading Program a Success

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Daycare Reading Program a Success

Community is about building connections, and here at Cambridge Court, we’re always looking for new ways to connect with our greater community of Kearney, Nebraska, while also serving our residents with vibrant social activities. Recently, we’ve seen a great success with our child reading program.

Children from the Pumpkin Patch Day Care Center have been visiting Cambridge Court once a month to practice their reading skills with our residents. This has been a positive inter-generational program benefitting kids in our community—and a program that our residents always look forward to.

Resident Dee Geiken said, “I love it! It just makes me smile.”

Her fellow resident Gayle Day agreed, saying, “I just love their enthusiasm for reading.”

It warms our hearts to see the oldest and youngest generations in our community coming together in a program like this. It’s good for the kids, good for our residents, and good for the greater community of Kearney for people to connect and find value in a common purpose.

As our Cheryl White, executive director for Cambridge Court, said, “If we can improve the standing of older adults in society, and nurture what they can bring through intergenerational connections, then we can achieve a better community with a better quality of life for all ages.”

Thank you to the children and teachers at the Pumpkin Patch Day Care for brightening all of our days!